Born on February 9, 1935, in Sfax (Tunisia). Prof. Marrakchi is married and father of 4.

His higher education led to an MSc in Electronics (1961), a Diploma of Electronic Engineering (1962) and PhD from Toulouse University, France (1966), specializing in Semiconductors, and Solar Energy. He conducted research activity in these fields and supervised a number of Masters and Doctorates on Photovoltaic Devices (Reactive Chemical Spray Process) and on Electric Pletysmography (Heart Flow-rate Measurement).

Associate Professor and then Full Professor at the University of Tunis, he is a former Director of the Tunis National School of Engineering (ENIT) from 1975 to 1985.

Prof. Marrakchi has spent the last few years (1990-1999) at the University of Qatar, firstly establishing a new Faculty of Technology and serving at the same time as Dean of this faculty, and then becoming Advisor to the President of the University of Qatar.

Prof. Marrakchi took part in several major conferences, task forces and expert groups on Renewable Energy, Technical Education, Technology Manpower Development at national and international levels, including many sponsored by UNDP, UNESCO, World Bank…

He is also member of:

The French Society of Electricians (S.F.E.).
The European Society for Engineers Training.
The Tunisian Society of Electronics Specialists, as a Founding Member and President.
Prof. Marrakchi is a Founding Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences (1986).