Prof. Abdelhafid Lahlaidi is an elected Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences since 1990. He was born on 20 May 1942, is married and has three children.

A professor of medicine at Mohammed V University in Morocco since 1977, Prof. Lahlaidi was educated at Geneva and Paris.

He was awarded his BSc in Medicine in 1963, Doctorate of Medicine in 1970, and the Diploma of the International Academy of Medicine in 1974, and attained professorship in 1977.

Prof. Lahlaidi has over 60 published papers on various medical topics and is an active member in most of the European and Moroccan medical societies.

Of Prof. Lahlaidi’s more renowned publications, is a five-volume “Mini-Encyclopedia” entitled, “Anatomie Topographique, Applications, Anatom-Chirurgicales,” which was published in 1986.