Prof. Hamza El-Kettani was born on 28 September 1942 (Morocco).
He was awarded the Moroccan  Baccalaureate in 1958, and a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Damascus, 1962.
He was awarded a doctorate in mineral chemistry from the Faculty of Science, University of Paris (1965), and a State Doctorate in physics (chemistry option), Faculty of Science, University of Paris, 1968.
Prof. El-Kettani became a Lecturer, Faculty of Science, Mohammed V University, in 1968. He went on to become head of the Department of Mineral Engineering, Mohammedia Engineering School, 1970-1975, and visiting professor, Laval University, Quebec, Canada, 1970.
He was a visiting professor, University of Berkeley (California, USA), 1972.
He has been a UNESCO consultant on technical training since 1972.
While President of the town Council of Rabat from 1983 to 1992, he established twinning protocols between Rabat and the following towns and cities; Tripoli, Cairo, Tunis, Lisbon, Amman, Sanaa’, Nouakchott, Madrid, Malibu in Equatorial Guinea, Marseille, Athens and Istanbul.
He served as the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Morocco (1995-1998).
Prof. El-Kettani was a research engineer at the BRPM Mineral Treatment Laboratories, 1962- 1968, and attended practical training at the Research Laboratory of Minerais et Metaux, Paris, 1962- December 1963. He is an active member of the National Association of Mining Engineers (ANIM) since 1963. 
He was head of delegation of the Moroccan delegation at the fifth conference on Arabization, Amman, September 1985, and member of the delegation at the sixth conference on Arabization, Rabat, September 1988. He was again head of the Moroccan delegation to the seventh conference, which was held at Khartoum, January 1994.
Prof. Hamza El-Kettani has been the Director of Studies at the Institute for Studies and Research on Arabization (IERA) since 1982, and the permanent representative of Morocco in the Basic Arabic committee of the ALECSO since 1985.
Prof. Kettani was honoured by the World Organization of Capitals, at its second meeting which was held at Dakar, June 1990, and the International French Association meeting, held in Niamey (Niger), January 1992. He was also honoured by the Organization of the Arab Towns at its tenth meeting, which was held in Dubai in 1994.
He is the recipient of the Moroccan Al-Arch (the throne) medal in the rank of an officer (1995).
Prof. Kettani has around 50 publications to his credit that address a wide range of topics including Arabization in Arab countries.
Prof. Kettani was elected a Fellow of the Islamic Academy of Sciences (IAS), in 2000.