Professor Kadyr G. Gulamov was born on February 17, 1945, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He is married and has 2 children.
Prof.Gulamov got his PhD in 1971 in the field of Physics and Mathematics. He became a full Professor in Nuclear Physics in 1980. In 1989, he was elected as a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and in 1995 he became the full member of the Academy. In 1997 he was elected as a Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences.
His scientific interests are related to high energy and nuclear physics, namely with multiparticle production in interactions of high energy hadrons and nuclei with nuclei. In this area of research, had accumulated significant amount of experimental data in the whole range of existing accelerator energies. He was a leader in a number of emulsion experiments executed at CERN (Switzerland), Fermilab and BNL(USA), IHEP and JINR (USSR and Russia). He was the first to observe the existence of compensation effects, related with rescatterings, for A-dependencies of characteristics of inclusive reactions on nuclei. Studied the correlation effects for the search of collective phenomena in nuclear reactions and observed dynamic correlations between particles produced in different kinematic regions of the collisions and proved that multiparticle production in the central region of the interaction follows the multifractal behaviour. He critically analyzed the existing theoretical approaches to the multiparticle production on nuclei and established the areas of their applicability thus revealing the real mechanisms of nuclear interactions that are important for the search of collective effects.
He begun his scientific career as a researcher in the Physical Technical Institute of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, lectured as a Professor at the Tashkent State University. In 1989, he was elected Director General of the Scientific-Production Association "Physics-Sun." In this capacity, he began working on the matters related to the utilization of solar energy. In 1993, he initiated and then organized the Institute of Materials Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. During 1991-1999, he was Secretary General of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. In 1995, he initiated the establishment of educational and scientific network "" in Uzbekistan. In 1997, he initiated establishment of International Solar Energy Center in Tashkent (established in 2013).
In 1999, he was appointed to the positions of the Chief of the Academy of Armed Forces and deputy minister of defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan. During 2000-2005 Gulamov served as the first civilian minister of defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and after that he was appointed the State Advisor to the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Since 2006, he is a leading scientist at the "Physics-Sun".
In (1993-1999) Prof. Gulamov was a representative of Uzbekistan in the NATO Scientific Committee; in (1996-1999), he was member of the Council of Scientists of the European Union "INTAS" programme and a member of the ICSU COSTED.
In1983, he was awarded the Beruni State Prize of the Republic of Uzbekistan; in 1992,"Olyi Maglis" of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Parliament); awarded him the honorary memorial Medal "Mustakillik"(Independence); in 2003, he was awarded the order "Shon-Sharaf."
Prof.Gulamov has over 300 scientific publications, most of which were published in international journals.