Prof. Mehmet Ergin Born in 1936 in Yozgat (Turkey). Prof. Ergin is married and father of two.
He was educated in Ankara Gazi High School, in Ankara University (Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Science) and in Galsgow University, U.K. where he obtained a PhD, in 1969.
He started his career as a Researcher in the Prime Minister’s Atomic Energy Commission’s Laboratory for Nuclear Chemistry; then performed research and training at the laboratories of the Vienna International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and was from 1963 to 1966 the Acting Director for the Atomic Energy Commission’s laboratory for Nuclear Chemistry.
He successively held the positions of: Researcher at the Institute for Physics and Chemistry in the Federal Republic of West Germany’s Association for Meat Research; Research Assistant in the Department of Chemistry, Glasgow University, UK, while pursuing his studies for Doctor’s degree; lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Hacettepe (Turkey); Assistant Professor at the same faculty, before being appointed Executive Secretary of the Turkish Scientific and Research Council (TUBITAK) in 1974. Later Prof. Ergin was promoted to full Professor of Physical Chemistry in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Hacettepe, and Deputy Secretary General for Planning and Coordination, TUBITAK, 1985-1987. He was then appointed President of TUBITAK, 1987-1990.
In addition, Mehmet Ergin was appointed as the National Coordinator for Science for Stability Program of NATO for 6 years.
Some of the awards he obtained are ‘IAEA Scholarship 1962;’ ‘Membership, Research Board of Advisers, American Biographical Institute,’ ‘Medal of Science for Stability Program, NATO,’ ‘Outstanding People of the 20th Century Diploma, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England,’ ‘Gold Record of Achievement Award, American Biographical Institute,’ ‘Distinguished Leadership Award, American Biographical Institute.’
Prof. Ergin is a past president of the Turkish Atomic Energy Commission and is member of the Board of Trustees and lecturer, Fatih University in Istanbul.
Prof. Ergin is a Founding Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences (1986), Vice-President of the IAS (1986-1990), (1990-1994) and (1994-1999), elected Secretary General, IAS, in 1999, and Vice-President, IAS (2009 – 2013).
Along with his research and teaching activities, Prof. Ergin administered a number of TUBITAK and NATO supported projects, wrote several scientific articles, communications and reports published in various Turkish and foreign publications.