Prof. Butt earned his MSc in Physics from Punjab University, Lahore (Pakistan), in 1957, his PhD from Birmingham University (UK) in 1965 and was awarded a DSc from the University of Birmingham (UK) in 1993.

Prof. Butt’s last designation was Director General of the Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (PINSTECH), Pakistan. At retirement he became the First “Scientist Emeritus” honoured with this life-title.

Prof. Butt has published more than 100 research papers in the field of Nuclear Solid-State Physics. His specific fields of scientific interest are Neutron Diffraction and Scattering, Research Reactor Utilization and Moössbauer Spectroscopy.

In recognition of his outstanding research work, Prof. Butt was awarded the Open Gold Medal in Physical Sciences, of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences in 1990. He was also awarded the “Sitara-i-Imtiaz,” which was awarded to him by the President of Pakistan in 1991. He was the First Joint Winner of 8th Kharazmi Prize, Iran (1995).

Among the previous posts occupied by Prof. Butt was that of Chief Scientist at the Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (PINSTECH), and Vice-President of Crystallography Society of Pakistan. He is the former President of the Pakistan Nuclear Society (1995-1997), and Treasurer of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences (1994-1998). Prof. Butt was elected a Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences in 1993 and was elected as Vice-President of the (IAS) from (2017-2021).

Professor Butt has lectured on his research in more than 25 countries and has been working as an IAEA (UN) expert and consultant in the Nuclear field.

He has worked as visiting scientist at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE), Harwell (UK), Oxford University (UK), ICTP, Trieste (Italy) and Reactor Institute, Stockholm (Sweden).

Areas of Research: Experimental Neutron Diffraction and Scattering from Solids (Powder Diffraction and Lattice Dynamics); Mossbauer Effect and its Applications (Debye-Waller Factors and Spectroscopy); and Research Reactor Utilization with Neutron Beams.