Prof. Munir Ozturk was born in Kashmir/India in 1943. He is a Turkish Professor of Biology.
He graduated from Kashmir University in India, specializing in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. He received his MSc from the same University in 1964. He obtained his PhD from Ege University in 1971.

Prof. Ozturk is Chairman Biology and Professor of Ecology, Fatih University, Turkey.
He is member of Turkish Biological Society (1973-1998); Mediterranean Society of Plant Physiologists (MPP) (1974-1981); OPTIMA (1976-1986); National Delegate European Federation of Plant Physiologists (1986-1996); National Committee on Biology (1991-1999); INTECOL (1993-2002); Bryologists Association (1993-2000); Member Aerobiology (1997-2002); Member World Cultural Council, Albert Einstein Award of Science (1999-onwards).

Prof. Ozturk received the following distinctions:

  • Turkish Biological Society 30 years Services Award, Izmir; 1993.

  • Certificates of Honor- Environmental Protection and Research Foundation, Izmir, Turkey; 1991, 1996 & 1997.

  • Certificates of Honor - in Pollution Control Studies and Biodiversity by the Municipalities of Kusadasi, Soke, Izmir and Urla; 1993,1995, 1996 & 1997.

  • Turk Ocak Awards 1994, 1995.

  • Member of Honour Russian Ecological Academy, Moscow, 1995.

  • Izmir Club Award-Environmental Protection Activity, 1996.

  • TUBITAK Scientific Publications Awards – 1996, 1997 & 2001.

  • OLEYIS Labour Foundation for Social Security and Assistance Award-Tourism and Environment Competition, Ankara, Turkey; 1997.

  • Izmir Governorate Awards for Assistance to Foreign Students; 1997, 2001.

  • Name given to a newly recorded plant species from Turkey by two researchers from Erciyes University, Kayseri as Sideritis Ozturkii.

Prof. Ozturk was elected as a Fellow of the IAS in 2002.


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