Prof. Muthana Abdul-Jabbar Shanshal was born in Baghdad (Iraq), in 1943.

He commenced his university studies in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1960, and was awarded a doctorate in 1967. After some time in Austin (Texas), he returned to Stuttgart and was awarded a “Dr Habil” from his university.

He started lecturing at Baghdad University in 1973, and became a full professor in 1977, Head of the Chemistry Department in 1981, and Dean of College of Sciences in 1985. In 1988, he was appointed president of Saddam University of Science and Technology. A post he held until 1994, when he returned to the University of Baghdad.

Prof. Shanshal is member of international bodies including the International Academy of Theoretical Organic Chemistry in Toronto (Canada), since 1986.

He has been awarded at the national and international levels, receiving the “Prime Professor” award of the University of Baghdad.

Prof. Shanshal has edited books and participated in over 60 scientific conferences. He has supervised around 60 PHD and MSc students and published over 150 papers in international and national journals.

Dr Shanshal was elected a Fellow of the IAS in 2001.