Prof. Zalikhanov is a Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences who was elected in 1992.

Prof. Zalikhanov who is of Balkarian (Central Asian) nationality, obtained a PhD in Glaciology in 1964 form Moscow State University, as well as a PhD in Biology from Rostov University in 1968.

At present, Prof. Zalikhanov is the director of the Alpine Geophysical Institute.

Of the pervious posts occupied by Prof. Zalikhanov was that of head of the laboratory of Engineering Glaciology, director of Kabardino-Balkarian Department of the World Laboratory on Ecology and deputy director of the Alpine Geophysical Institute.

He has written more than 250 scientific works including 6 monographs. Also, he is the author of one popular-scientific book and 40 articles dealing with different problems connected with the protection of nature such as Paleography, climate as well as Glaciology.

Prof. Zalikhanov’s works have been described as dedicated to nature preservation. He has worked out programmes for the preservation of national natural and glacial parks in Central Asia.