Local Chapters

Realising that the IAS Secretariat in Amman cannot be involved in more than a limited number of S&T activities every year, the IAS often calls upon the services of IAS Fellows to represent the Academy at meetings in and beyond the OIC region. IAS Fellows from Tunisia, Senegal, Sudan, Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia have often represented the IAS at such meetings.

The IAS has long envisaged a mechanism whereby local chapters (centres) of the IAS would be established to assist the IAS Secretariat in undertaking S&T activities. In this, the IAS relies on the voluntary efforts of its Fellows in a number of countries; Prof. M. D. Shami (Pakistan), Prof. Mehmet Ergin (Turkey), Prof. Ahmed Marrakchi (Tunisia), Prof. A. L. Ibrahim (Selangor/ Malaysia); who – voluntarily – run IAS local chapters (nodes) and handle scientific and organisational matters on behalf of the IAS.

The IAS had requested the Pakistan Academy of Sciences to allocate an office within its premises to be designated as the IAS Islamabad Office, a request that was approved by the PAS in 2002. Since, the office has become the focal point for the IAS in Islamabad. A small liaison office is also currently operating in Tunisia under IAS Former Vice-President Marrakchi, and another at the University of Industry Selangor (UNISEL) under Prof. Abdel Latif Ibrahim. Both nodes have been actively engaging the science community in their countries and helping to co-organize a number of local activities.

A recommendation often propagated at IAS Conferences calls on countries that do not have academies of sciences to establish such bodies as advisory agencies to governments on S&T matters. The General Assembly will recall that the IAS was instrumental in encouraging the Senegal science community to establish such a body; which was founded in 1999.