One of the winners of the 1992 Fellowship elections of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences.

A Professor of Physics at the University of Tunis since 1992. Prof. Ben Lakhdar was educated at the University of Tunis and the University of Paris V1, from where she earned her PhD (State Doctorate in Atomic Spectroscopy).

Prof. Ben Lakhdar lists among her career objectives; (a) Conducting applied research group to meet the national needs, (b) Helping to improve scientific teaching procedures.

Formerly, Prof. Ben Lakhdar has served as Head of Spectroscopy Laboratory, supervisor of postgraduate students for Tunisian DEA Diploma as well as co-chairman of molecular spectroscopy group for Master Degree and PhD courses.

Furthermore, Prof. Ben Lakhdar is the author of many scientific papers in physics and mathematics and has been a founding member of the Tunisian Physics Society and a founding member of the Tunisian Astronomy Society.

Prof. Ben Lakhdar has contributed to over six university textbooks and has had over twenty technical works published.