Born in Sudan on 21 November 1947.

Prof. Hassan earned his BSc in Mathematics from the UK in 1968, an MSc in advanced Mathematics from Oxford University in 1969 and a DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy) in Plasma Physics, in 1973, from Oxford University also.

Among the previous posts occupied by Prof. Hag Hassan were those of Senior Lecturer (1977), Associate Professor (1979) and Professor (1986), School of Mathematical Sciences, Khartoum University as well as Dean of Mathematical Sciences (1985).

Prof. Hassan has published more than 40 scientific articles in international journals in the field of Applied Mathematics.

Prof. Hassan is a former Fullbright Research Fellow (1984), Founding Fellow of the African Academy of Sciences (1985) and since 1999 he is the President of that Academy. Prof. Hassan has been the Executive Director of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) since 1983 and Secretary General of the Third World Network of Scientific Organizations (TWNOS) since 1988.

Prof. Hassan is also Honorary Member of the Colombian Academy of Exact Sciences since 1996. He is also Commander of the National Order of Scientific Merit, Brazil since 1996.

His main current research areas include Theoretical Plasma Physics and Physics of wind erosion and sand transport.

Prof. Hassan was elections as a Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS) in 1992.