Dr Haider a professor of Chemistry at Dhaka University (Bangladesh), and past Director of the Bose Centre for Advanced Studies and Research. He was born on 1 September 1927, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

He graduated in 1948 from Dhaka University, obtained a PhD in 1958 from London University, DIC in 1958, London Imperial College of Science and Technology (Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry), and FRSC from the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, in 1967, for “Original contribution in Chemistry.” He also attended courses in Radioisotope Tracer Techniques at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment (Harwell, England), in Mineralogy at the Royal School of Mines (London, England) and a study visit at Stuttgart Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (West Germany). He also participated in a research programme at the Arrhenius Laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden, under the auspices of the Swedish Institution.

A lecturer and Reader in Chemistry at Dhaka University, he became a full Professor of Chemistry in 1970, and has served his university for over fifty years. Prof. Haider is a specialist in: Inorganic, Analytical Coordination, Nuclear and Bioinorganic Chemistry. He conducted research work in the following fields:

Metal borates and aminoborates; Metal phosphates, structures and industrial products; Organoborn compounds; Inorganic ion-exchange materials; Chemistry of Water Hyacinth; Chemistry of Metal-Saccharin complexes, Vitamins and Drugs; Low cost locally produced equipment for Chemical Education; Energy conservation and conversions by plant materials. Biomass and Biogas; Mitigation measures of Arsenic in the drinking water in Bangladesh.

Prof. Haider has well over 250 papers to his credit of which many were published in national and International Journals of Chemistry.

Prof. Haider is a Founding Fellow of the Islamic Academy of Sciences (1986), and Council Member (1994-1999). He is also a Fellow and Council Member of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences. Currently, he is the President of the Bangladesh Chemical Society. He is Founding Editor of the Journal of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, 1977-to-date. He is also Chief Editor of the Journal of the Bangladesh Chemical Society. He has been elected President of the Bangladesh Environmental Society (1998-2000).He was also made a Fellow of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh in 1997

Areas of Research

Chemistry of boron and phosphorus compounds.
Bioinorganic and coordination Chemistry.
Environmental Chemistry : air and water pollution and mitigation
Published Papers

Organoboron compounds I, J. Applied Chemistry (London), Vol. 4, No. 2, Pages 90 – 98, Year 1954.

Identification of Phosphate Anions by means of Inferred Spectra, Analytica Chimica Acta, Vol. 24, Page 250 – 253, Year 1961.

Preparation and Properties of Benzoyl Borate, Z. fur Anorg. Und Allegm. Chem., Vol. 330 (3/4) , Page 217 – 221 , Year 1964.

A pest with Great Promise (Chemistry of Water Hyacinth), Science Age, Vol. 3, No. 10. Page 21 – 27, Year 1985.

Compounds of Biological Interest – Metal Complexes of Saccharin, Inorganic Synthesis, John Wiley and Sons (USA), Vol. 23, Page 47 – 50, Year 1984.

Global Climate Change with Special Reference to Bangladesh Region, Symposium – Chemistry of the Atmosphere, American Chemical Society, Washington D. C., Vol. 37, No. 4. Page 1513 – 1517, Year 1992.

Contact Address

5/12 Block A, Lalmatia,
Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh