Born in December 1929 in Matam, Senegal, Prof. Niang studied Mathematics in Toulouse, France, where he earned his degrees: BSc in 1953; Higher Diploma in 1954; Certificate of Mathematics Teaching Capability in 1954-1955; and State Doctorate in Mathematical Sciences in 1964.

He started a career as Professor at Lycee Fermat, Toulouse, France form 1956 to 1960, before he was successively appointed; Professor at the Willam Ponty Teacher’s School, Dakar (1956); Assistant Professor and lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences, Dakar University (1960); Senior Lecturer (1964); Professor (1965) and Chair Professor since 1969.

In 1970 he was appointed Director, Research Institute on Mathematics, Physics and Technology Teaching, and was appointed Rector, the University of Dakar, in January 1986.

He is the author of a number of books and publications covering teaching materials, science and development issues; research in integral/differential non linear systems, Algebra and differential equations, and has supervised several PhD theses in Analytical Mechanics. A former president of the Scientific Section, UNESCO National Commission, and of the National Committee of the International Commission for the Teaching of Mathematics in 1970, Prof. Niang is presently a member of learned bodies such as: the Mathematics and Physics Section of the Africa and Mauritius Advisory Committee on Higher Education (President); the Office of the African Commission for the Teaching of Mathematics; the Scientific Council of the Organization of African Unity (OAU).

He was awarded the following honors: Officer, the National Order of the Lion; Officer, the National Order of Merit; Chevalier, the Senegalese Academic Palms; Commander, the French Academic Palms.