Born in Istanbul on March 26, 1921; Prof. Ozdas is married and father of two.

He graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Technical University, in 1946, with a Diploma in Engineering. He then obtained the Diploma of the Imperial College, 1950; PhD at London University in 1951; carried out a summer project at MIT (USA) in 1953. He was a Research Fellow at MIT, 1955-1956, visiting Professor, 1953-1959, at Case Western Reserve University; Professor in 1961 at Istanbul Technical University; Founding Director of the Computer Centre in 1961; Founding Secretary General of the Turkish Scientific Council (TUBITAK), 1964-1966; Science Board Member of TUBITAK, 1968-1972; Founding Director of Marmara Scientific and Industrial Research; President of the NATO Science Committee, 1973-1979; Board Member of Von Karman Institute, and steering Committee Member of AGARD in 1973; Minister of State for Science and Technology, 1980-1983; and Professor at Istanbul Technical University, Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering, since then.

Prof. Ozdas is a Member of Sigma Xi; President of the Turkish Organization for Automatic Control; and the author of several articles and books in various languages.

Prof. Ozdas is a Founding Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences (1986).