Born in Matam, Senegal in 1926. He is a preeminent professor of Public Health. A graduate of both the African School of Medicine and Pharmacy of Dakar and the University of Paris, he has attained the rank of Professeur Agregé in Public Health and Preventive Medicine. This title confers upon him the status of professor, researcher and clinical practitioner within the University Hospital Center complex.

During the 10-year period, 1964 to 1974, Dr Wone held the positions of Director of Public Health followed by first advisor to the Minister of Health for the Government of Senegal. In these official capacities he travelled widely throughout the world, allowing him to become well versed in all aspects of his specialty, as shown in his list published works.

He is widely recognised as the “Dean” of public health professors in Sub-Saharaa Africa with a large cadre of physicians having been trained under him. Not surprisingly, he was recently elected President and founder of the African Network of Public Health Schools, and continues to be member and President of the technical board of the center for higher education in nursing care. Currently, Prof. Wone is the Director of the Institute of Health and Development, University of Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar.

Porfessor Wone continues to do research and teach physicians and other health workers in the field of public health.