Prof. Diop was born on May 17, 1921 in Saint Louis, Senegal. He is married with 6 children.

He graduated from the African School of Medicine and Pharmacy in 1947. He obtained a Diploma in Tropical Medicine (1956), State Doctorate in Medicine (1957) and Certificate of Higher Studies (1957), in both Biology Applied to Physical activity and Sports and Labour Medicine and all from Bordeaux, France. He was appointed Head of Clinic at Dakar Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (1965) and succeeded at the French “Concours d’Agregation des Facultes de Medicine,” (1966) specialty Infectious Diseases; Assistant Professor (1970); Professor (1975); Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Dakar, Senegal (1976); and then Honorary Dean, UCAD. Prof. Diop is a Founding Fellow of the Islamic Academy of Sciences (1986), Council Member and Vice President 1994-1998, and Acting President (1999).

Prof. Diop is Doctor Honoris Causa of Francois Rabelais University in Tours (France); former President, Association of Medicine Faculties and Schools in Africa (1977-1981); Member of the International Olympic Committee’s Medical Commission; Member of the French “National Academy of Medicine”, Member of the African Academy of Sciences (1988) and Founding Member and Secretary of the Senegal Academy of Sciences and Techniques.

He is Member of the “Medical Society of French-speaking Black Africa” (Secretary in 1962; Vice President in 1963; and President in 1977); Member of the “Fernch-speaking Society for Infectious Pathology” (1971); Member of the “ International Therapeutic Union (1975);” and Founding President, then Honorary President, of the “International Union against Venereal Diseases.” Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences (1987) and Council Member (1992).

He is an awardee of the UNO Medal (Congo, 1961); Commander, French Academic Palms (1985); Officer, French Legion d’Honneur (1983); Orange Medal of the French Red Cross (1968); Medal of the City of Paris (1985); Officer, Academic Palms of Togo (1980); Chevalier, National Order of Cameroon (1983); Officer, National Order of Central Africa (1983); Commander, Congo Order of Merit (1985); Commander, National Order of Ivory Coast (1982). First Laureate of Alfred Quenum Prize for Africa (WHO), First Laureate of Mohamed El Fasi (AUPELF-UREF) and Laureate of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).

He is the author of over 300 medical publications on Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Malaria, Bilhariosis, Bacterial Meningitis, Tetanus, Hepatitis B where his research led to the first serological vaccine for Hepatitis B and in suggesting inoculation protocols to be included in the expanded immunization programme.

Most Important Published Papers

Diagnostic des Treponematoses chez l’Africain avec J.P. Marchand.
Le concours médical 1976, no. 17, 2569-2586.

Paludisme neurologique de l’adulte autochtone en zone d’ypoendémic avec H: Banastie; A. Sow; S. Badiane, T. Kandji. Bull. Méd. Afr. Nre Lgue Frse 1997, 22, 1, 65-71.

Traitement du Tétanos par serum antitétanique hétérologue intrathécal avec S. Badiane, A. Ba. Bull. Sec. Med. Afr. Nre Lgue Frse. 1978, 23, 4, 393-401.

L’Electro-immuno-diffusion (Electrosynérèse) appliquée au diagnostic et au typage capsulaire du 220 meningites à pneumocoque avec F. Denis, J. P. Chiron, Smboup, M Cqdoz Rev. Inst. Pasteur, Lyon 1979, 7, 12, 3, 347-359 Hepatitis B Virus Infections and Primary Hepatocellular Carninoma Epidemiological, Checmical and Virology Study in Senegal avec Ph. Maupas, A. Goudeau, P. Coursaget, J.P. Chiron, J. Drucker. In Viruses in naturally occuring cancers cold spring Narbor Lab, 1980, 7, 481-506.

Relations entre le virus de l’Hépatite B et le cancer primitif du foie avec Ph. Maupas, A. Goudeau et Coll Med. Af. Nre Lgue Frse (no. spécial) 1981, 28, 225-235.

Vaccinations contre l’Hépatite B en zone endémique (Senegal) avec Ph. Maupas, F. Denis, J.P. Chiron et Coll. Med. Af. Nre Lgue Frse (no. special) 1981, 28-249-262.

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