Born in December 1936. He is married and a father of six.
He obtained his BSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, USA (1961), MSc (1963) and PhD (1968), from the same university. He was a lecturer at the college of Engineering at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO., USA (1961-1967) and at IBM, Rochester Minnesota, USA (1968-1971).

Prof. Daghestani started working at the Jordan Royal Scientific Society in 1971. In 22 years at the RSS, he occupied the following posts; Director of the Mechanical Engineering Department (1971-1976), Vice-President (1976-1983), Acting President (1983-1984), President (1984-1986), Advisor and Principal Researcher (1986-1991) and Director of the Center for International Studies at the RSS (1991-1993).

Prof. Daghestani was Director General of the Natural Resources Authority (1993-1996) and Director General of the Mineral Investment Company (1996-2000).

Prof. Daghestani was a member or former member of the governing boards of the following bodies; the Royal Scientific Society, the Telecommunications Corporation, the Natural Resources Authority, the Jordan Electricity Authority, the Arab Potash Company, the National Petroleum Company and the Jordan Phosphate Mining Company. He also served on the boards of the faculties of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, at the University of Jordan.

He was a Founding Fellow and Council Member of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences (1986-1999), Member of the Arab Federation of Scientific Research (1983-1986) and Member of the Scientific Council of IFSTAD (1984-1986) and Member of the Executive Committee of COMSTECH (1986-1994).

Prof. Daghestani took part in more than 10 expert missions. He has edited/co-edited 11 books and has more than 40 technical papers to his credit, and was a member of the editorial board of the Journal of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences and former member of the journal entitled Islamic Thought and Scientific Creativity (1990-1995).

Areas of Research:

Previous research performed and published in the USA was in the area of applied mechanics. Theories for flexure and vibrations were developed for multi-layer plates incorporating isentropic cores and facing. Closed form partial differential governing equations were developed along with sets of boundary condition equations for multi-layer plates incorporating thick stiff cores and viscoelastic thin cores that undergo shear deformation when subjected to flexure or vibration motion.

When using thin viscoelastic cores, the amplitudes of vibration are greatly reduced at the natural frequency, thus inducing internal damping and ensuring safety and longer life for such plates that are normally used for air and space bound structures and/or noise reduction in submarines and in civil applications.

Recent research interest is in the area of science and technology policy for development.