Water in the Islamic World: An Imminent Crisis

Proceedings of the eighth international conference, Khartoum (Sudan) (1994)-Published by the Islamic Academy of Sciences.
Editors: M Ergin (Turkey), H Dogan Altinbilek (Turkey), M Zou’bi (Jordan).

BC 232-3-1995; Hardcover; 544 pages;
17*25 cm; English; Illustrated; 1995; 

US $ 35.00



  • IAS Declaration;
  • Statements and Inaugural Addresses;
  • Issues Related to Water Availability and Management Policies;
  • Water Resources and Water Balance in the Islamic World: An Overview;
  • Water Scarcity in the Arab Region: Options for Survival;
  • Planning and Management Tools for Effective Water Use;
  • Priorities of Human Resource Development in the Water Sector in Islamic Countries;
  • Water for Agriculture: Strategies to meet the Impending Crisis;
  • Development of Training Methodologies for Institutional Strengthening of Irrigation Management: IIMI’s Approach in Malaysia and Sudan; .
  • Water Resources in Sudan;
  • The Experience and Strategy of Sudan with respect to Shared Waters.
  • Research and Development Priorities for Water Resources in Egypt;
  • Water and Land Resources Development in South-eastern Turkey;
  • Israel and Arab Waters;
  • The Crisis and Dilemma of Plenty and Scarcity of Water in Bangladesh;
  • Water Policies and Strategies: the Experience of Pakistan;
  • Water Resources Management in North Cyprus;
  • The Rational Use of the Fresh Underground Water of the Azerbaijan Republic;
  • Development of Water-Saving Technologies;
  • Supplementary Irrigation of Cereals Crops in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas;
  • Water Desalination: the Experience of GCC;
  • Technology of Waste Water Treatment and Reuse;
  • Environmental Isotope Investigations of Ground Water in Rechna Doab;
  • Brackish Water, Saline-Resistant Plants and Saline Water Utilization;
  • Isotope Hydrology in Pakistan, Instrumentation and Application.
  • Biosaline Agriculture Centre in the United Arab Emirates.