Technology Transfer for Development in the Muslim World

Proceedings of the fourth international conference, Antalya (Turkey) (1990) – Published by the Islamic Academy of Sciences.
Editors: F Daghestani (Jordan), A Altamemi (Jordan), M Ergin (Turkey). 

BC 784-11-1990, Hardcover 496 pages,
17*25 cm, English, Illustrated, 1991, 

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  • Opening Statements;
  • IAS Declaration on Technology Transfer;
  • Recommendations by the Working Groups;
  • Main Aspects of Technology Transfer;
  • Human and Institutional Infrastructures for Acquisition, Absorption and Diffusion of Technology;
  • Role of Research in Industrial Technology Transfer and Development;
  • Role of Governments in Creating an Entrepreneurial Environment for Technology Transfer;
  • Role Of Regional and Interregnal Organizations in Technology Transfer to Developing Countries;
  • Cooperation between Islamic Countries for Technology Transfer;
  • Technology Transfer, Innovations and Development of the Muslim World;
  • Role of the Islamic Development Bank in Technology Transfer;
  • Acdima’s Experience in the Transfer of Pharmaceutical Technology in the Arab World;
  • Role of Higher Education and Technical Institutions in Technology Transfer: A Case Study of Kuwait;
  • Promotion of the Role of R&D and Scientific and Technological Services in Technology Transfer;
  • Cooperation in Engineering Design and Consulting Services;
  • Technology Transfer for Development in the Aeronautics Industry in Indonesia;
  • Technology Transfer for the Development of Electronics and Telecommunications Industry in Malaysia;
  • Technological Transfer for Development in the Area of Pharmaceuticals in Egypt;
  • Technology Transfer for the Petrochemical Industries in Developing Countries: The Experience of SABIC;
  • Technology Transfer for Development in the Textile Industry in Turkey;
  • Technology Transfer in the Glass Industry;
  • Technology Transfer for Development of the Metal Working Industry: The Experience of ARCELIK in Turkey;
  • The Development of the Fertilizer Industry in Jordan