Information Technology for Development in the Islamic World (2000)

Proceeding of the tenth international conference, Tunis (Tunisia) (200) – Published by the Islamic Academy of Science.
Editodrs: M Ergin (Turkey), M Doruk (Turkey), M R Zou’bi (Jordan)
(ISBN 9957-412-03-5).

BC 2581/12/2001;Hardcover 485 pages,
17*25 cm, English, Illustrated,2000.
US $ 30.00


  • IAS Declaration;
  • Opening Statements;
  • Contemporary Issues In Information Technology;
  • Information Technology in the Islamic World: Present Scenario and Future Prospects;
  • The Twenty-First Century Internet Tidal Wave;
  • The Internet, Now and Tomorrow: A view from the Academia;
  • Proposed Model IT strategy and Action Plan for OIC Member Countries
  • Development of the IT Sectors: The Indonesian Perspective;
  • Information Technology in Iran: Current Scene and Future Plans;
  • Development of IT Sector The Jordan Perspective;
  • Development of IT Sector: The Malaysia Perspective;
  • E-Commerce in Saudi Arabia: A Survey;
  • Development of IT Sector: The Tunisian Perspective;
  • Development of IT Sector: The Turkish Perspective;
  •  Aspects of IT Development in Tunisia;
  • Creativity and Innovation in Education for the Challenges of 2000+: Capacity Building of Entrepreneurship;
  • Integrating Information Technology Policies: A Proposed Methodology;
  • New Technology and Reform Strategies of the Educational System in Tunisia;
  • Internet Challenges facing the Islamic World: A Working Paper by “Islam Online”
  • Progress and Trends  in Digital Image Applications;
  • Minimal Representation: From Group Theory to Applications in Information Technology;
  • Agents Technology and Applications;
  • An Arabisation Catalyst in Today’s Internet Revolution;
  • Information Technology Impact on Biological Sciences;
  • Information Technology Applications in Hospitals Management;