Food Security in the Muslim World (1987)

Food Security in the Muslim World

Proceedings of the first international conference, Amman (Jordan) (1987) – Published by the Islamic Academy of Sciences.
Editor: S Qasem (Jordan).

BC 248-25-1988; Hardcover 520 pages;
17*25 cm; English; Illustrated; 1988; 

US $ 20.00


  • Opening Statements.
  • Introduction and Summary;
  • Food Security Status in the Muslim World;
  • Present Situation and Future Outlook for Food Security in the Muslim World;
  • Discussion;
  • The Constraints that have faced the Muslim World in Making Progress towards Food Security;
  • Trade of Food Commodities among Islamic Countries;
  • Food Security in the Islamic Countries: Opportunities and Options for Integration;
  • Opportunities and Options towards Food Security;
  • Promising Options for more and better Food;
  • Qualitative Approach for Food Security;
  • Future Scientific and Technological Advancements and their Impact on Food Security;
  • Food Security in the Muslim World; Some Steps towards a Solution for Proteins.
  • Selected Country Case Studies: Malaysia; Indonesia; Turkey; Sudan; Bangladesh;
  • Closing Session.