Environment and Development in the Islamic World (1992)

Environment and Development in the Islamic World

Proceedings of the sixth international conference, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) (1992) – Published by the Islamic Academy of Sciences.
Editors: S Al-Athel (Saudi Arabia), F Daghestani (Jordan), A Altamemi (Jordan). 

BC 27/1/1993, Hardcover 702 pages,
17*25 cm, English, Illustrated, 1993, 

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  • IAS Declaration;
  • IAS Resolution on the Situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Opening Statements;
  • Islamic Principles on Environment and Development;
  • Global Issues in Environment and Development;
  • Sustainable Development and the Changing Ecosystem;
  • Environmental Planning and Management Practice;
  • Climate Change, Air and Water Pollution;
  • Desertification in the Muslim World;
  • Sustainable Forest Management;
  • Hazardous Waste Source Reduction and Development;
  • Environment and Radioactive Pollutants;
  • Nuclear Techniques in Solving Pollution Problems;
  • Impact of Environmental Development in the Transmission of Parasitic Diseases;
  • Scientific Capacity Building for Environment and Sustainable Development;
  • Role of Education in the Protection of the Environment: Treatise and Case Studies;
  • Role of Education in Environmental Protection;
  • Cooperation Between Islamic Countries on Environment and Development;
  • Role of the Islamic Development Bank in Promoting Environment Protection;
  • Environment and Development: The Commonwealth Experience;
  • Developing a National Environmental Strategy: The Experience of Malaysia;
  • Environment and Development in the Case of Tin Mining and Logging Industries in Malaysia: Towards a Conceptual Framework;
  • Developing a National Environment Strategy: The Experience of Egypt;
  • Water Pollution in the City of Fes in Morocco.