In the wake of the global crisis that has led to the outbreak and the subsequent pandemic of the Coronavirus, various countries, including Islamic countries, have suffered from enormous damage in areas like public health, human mental security, and the global economy. In such circumstances, today the world is increasingly in need of hope for the future and also scientific endeavor and cooperation of the elites to achieve a healing cure and to share the successful and unsuccessful experiences of countries in handling this great crisis. Relying on their knowledge and expertise, scientific elites can play a unique role in the face of this adversity.

Science and Technology Exchange Program,  organized by Mustafa (PBUH) Science and Technology Foundation, with an emphasis on the importance of sharing worthy knowledge, experiences, and achievements in this critical time, is working to provide the best possible platform through a virtual thematic summit on the Coronavirus, to synergize the capacities and capabilities of scientists and experts in the Islamic world to help solve this global crisis.

The 7th STEP summit entitled “Scientific and Technological Collaboration Facing Coronavirus Challenges” aims to exchange and share the experiences of medical staff, the achievements and discoveries of scientists, technological innovations as well as strategies in helping to solve the global challenge of the Coronavirus on the one hand and to create a platform for cooperation in synergy and acceleration of the crisis resolution on the other hand.