Fuat Sezgin passes away: the departure of the famous Turkish historian at the age of 94 years

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Turkey lost an important scientific symbol on the death of the famous Turkish historian Professor Fuad Szegin, who passed away on Saturday 30 June at the age of 94. Majd Jatin Qaya, chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Trustees,“He told the Anatolia news agency that Szegen died last Saturday at a hospital in Istanbul. He praised Szegen’s status as one of the most prominent historians and scientists in Turkey and the world. “Leave Turkey a library and a museum that is invaluable.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan personally mourned the death of the thinker and historian Sezgin, and offered condolences to the Turkish people by twittering on his Twitter account. He explained that Professor Sezgin was a great scientist and was able to revive the Islamic civilization again, Through research and studies conducted in the field of the history of Islamic sciences.

The world and the Turkish historian «Fouad Sizgin», in the state of «Beatles» in the south-east of Turkey, on 24 October 1924, is one of the most involved in the Arab and Islamic heritage in the world, and is «Szegin», one The students of the famous oriental orientalist Helmut Ritter, who had convinced him to study Islamic history, began to learn Arabic since then and received his doctorate in 1954 through his research thesis “Sources of Bukhari.”

During the same year, he became a professor at the University of Istanbul. He published his doctoral dissertation entitled “Studies on Al-Bukhari Sources” in 1956, before his professor left Turkey for Germany after being prevented by the military coup government. Turkey in 1960, accompanied by 146 Turkish academics to continue working and study at the universities of the country, to continue his studies at the University of “Frankfurt” German.

Five years later, in 1965, the Galilean world presented a second dissertation on the Arab chemist, Jabir ibn Hayyan, after which he won the title of Professor after only one year of submission. He soon married the Orientalist Shortly before his death, Fouad Seizgen continued to write the 18th volume of the History of Arab Heritage, which was first published in 1967. This great research work is the most comprehensive book dealing with the history of human beings. the world.

The famous Turkish historian is known to have mastered about 27 different languages, including the Syriac, Hebrew, Latin, Arabic and German languages, and he mastered these languages ​​very well. And Islamic technology in Istanbul.

During his scientific career, Fouad Sizgin won several international awards and accolades from various institutions, the most important being the Arabic Language Complex in Cairo, the Arabic Language Complex in the Syrian capital Damascus, the Arabic Language Complex, In the Iraqi capital Baghdad, in addition to the Academy of Sciences in Turkey, and was «Szegin» was crowned honorary doctorate by many universities, such as the University of «Ataturk» in the state of Erzurum Turkish, and «Solomon Demiral» in the state of Sparta and Istanbul University, Frankfurt am Main Goethe, and the Federal Service Medal of Honor The first prize in Germany, and the Grand Presidential Prize for Culture and Arts in Turkey.