Prof. Eldar Salayev was born in Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan in 1933.

He was awarded his Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences degree from the Azerbaijan State University.

Prof. Salayev became the President of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences in 1983, and in 1997 became the Director of the Institute of Photo-electronics in Baku, Azerbaijan.

He is a noted scientist and specialist in the field of Experimental Physics, Physics and Techniques of Semiconductors, Quantum Electronics and non-linear optics.

Prof. Salayev is one of the founders of a new scientific branch in physics and techniques of Semiconductors-Physics of limiting Anisotropic Crystals.

In appreciation of his remarkable contribution to scientific instrument making, he has been awarded State Prize in 1972 and the Vavilov Prize for his achievements in the sphere of Physics of Semiconductors in 1982.

He has made a valuable contribution in training highly skilled specialists and has supervised more than 40 doctors’ theses. He has also trained a great number of scientists, working in many different countries of the world.

Prof. Salayev has more than 200 scientific works and has 86 inventions to his credit.

Prof. Salayev was elected to the Fellowship of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences in 1993.