– Baccalaureate in Mathematics. Annaba, Algeria, 1974.

– Diplome D’etudes Superieures in Nuclear Physics. Algiers 1979.

– D.Phil. in Structural Molecular Biology. Oxford University, UK, 1985.


– Research Fellow in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Harvard University, U.S.A. (1985-1988).

– Highly Cited Researcher (ISI Highly Cited citation index).

– Professor of Biology, University of Annaba, Algeria, 1988-2004.

– Research Fellow in Molecular Ecology, Vrije University, Brussel, 2000-2001.

– Professor, University of Guelma, Algeria, 2004- to-date.

– Professor of Biology and Distinguished Fellow at the Centre of Excellence for Research in Biodiversity, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

– Thomson-Reuters Prize in Biology (2010).

– Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Ssciences (IAS) (2011).


 – Director of Post-Graduate Studies, 1989-1990, University of Annaba.

– President of the Scientific Council (Dept. of Biochemistry), Univ. of Annaba.

– President of the Scientific Council (Dept. of Ecology), Univ. of Guelma (2005-2011).

– Head of the Laboratoire de Recherche des Zones Humides (Univ. of Annaba) (2001-2007).

– Head of the Laboratoire de Recherche et de Conservation des Zones Humides (Univ. of Guelma, 2011- to-date).

– Member of the Commission Nationale de Protection of (Threatened Species).

– Head of the Formation Doctorale: Ecologie et Conservation, University of Guelma.

– Member of the Comité Sectoriel National Permanent (CSP).


 – President-elect of W.D.A. (Worldwide Dragonfly Association) (2011- 2013).

– President of WDA (Worldwide Dragonfly Association (2013-to-date)

– Vice-Chair of Heron Conservation.

– Fellow Specialist Group, FSG/IUCN: Odonata.

– Fellow Specialist Group, FSG/IUCN: Greater Flamingo.

– Member of the Steering Board of the project ECOGENES (Doñana Biological Station, Spain).

– Member of the Panafrican Ornithological Council (PAOC) (2004-2006).