Prof. Bambang Hidayat was born on September 18, 1934 in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia. He has 2 children.

He obtained his PhD from Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio in 1965 in the field of Astrophysics, where he worked with Professors McCuskey and Blanco.

Prof. Hidayat became a Full Professor in 1976, Associate Professor in 1974 and Assistant Professor in 1968. In 1968, he was appointed Director of the Bosscha Observatory, a post he held for over 15 years.

Dr Hidayat has more than 40 scientific papers to his credit as well as a number of Astronomy textbooks.

He was the Chairman of the Indonesian-Dutch Astronomy Programme in 1982, Chairman of the Indonesian-Japan Astronomy Programme from 1980 until 1994 and the Vice-President of the International Astronomical Union from 1994-2000. He was the President  of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (2004-2008)

Prof. Hidayat is a member of the following bodies:

International Astronomical Union;
American Astronomical Society;
Royal Astronomical Society;
Indonesian Astronomical Society (Founder, 1978);
Indonesian National Academy of Sciences (1991);
Indonesian Physics Society (Co-founder);
Prof. Hidayat is an elected Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences, Amman, Jordan (1992); and is a former member of the Royal Commission of the Al Albait University, Mafraq, Jordan (1993).