Born on 21 December 1936 in Gharbia, Egypt. He earned his BSc in Chemistry  and Geology from Cairo University in Egypt in 1960. His MSc from the same university in 1965, PhD in chemistry from Gujarat University in India in 1968 and DSc in Chemistry from Cairo University in 1983.

Hebeish joined the National Research Center (NRC) Cairo, Egypt in 1960 and got successive promotions which ended with the post of Research Professor in 1979. In 1984 he was transferred  to the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), Cairo, Egypt, to occupy the post of Under Secretary of State, then Vice-President of ASRT. During the period 1992-1996 he was the President of ASRT with a ministerial rank. Since mid 1996 up to date, he is Emeritus Professor at NRC.

Hebeish is a Fellow of both the African and the World Academy of Sciences. He is also an elected Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences (1994).

Ali Hebeish is the awardee of several honors, notably, the Merit Prize in Basic Science – Egypt (1995); TWNSO Prize in Technology – Italy (1995), El-Nile Prize in Advanced Technologies – Egypt (2004); Lifetime membership  of the Academy of Arabic Language – Egypt (2009); African Union Kwame Nkrumah Award in Science, Technology and Innovation –  Addis Ababa (2016).

Hebeish’s work has been the subject of more than 680 papers that have been published in peer reviewed journals during the last five decades. His work deals with the chemistry of functionalization of fibrous textile materials such as cotton and other cellulosics and chemical fibres such as polyester and polyamide. It equally addresses the chemistry of non-fibrous textile materials such as starch and chitosan. Nature of textile substrate, e.g. cotton could be changed through introducing in its macromolecular structure different amounts of chemical groups in the monomeric and /or polymeric forms. Non fibrous polymeric auxiliaries could also be tailored through manipulation of the molecular weight of the base polymer along with type, form and amount of the introduced chemical moieties. This, indeed, stimulates research that gives rise to production of multifunctional cotton products (i.e. smart textile or termed also as high performance textile products) via harnessing nanotechnology and biotechnology in multi-finishing processes.

Since 2003, Prof. A. Hebeish has been the principal investigator of a nation-wide Campaign  for Sustainable Development of  Textiles. The Campaign is implemented in various textile mills affiliated to public, private and investment sectors with the aim of enhancing competitiveness of the textile products while fulfilling the requirements of sustainable development. Hebeish was also involved in formulation and implementation of “Science and Technology Policy, Strategy and Planning,” as well as administrating the same during his work at the ASRT.

Scientific Achievements of Ali Hebeish:

  1. According to Scopus: Published scientific papers :  680 – Citations:  5272 – h-index: 38
  1. According to Google Scholar: All Citations: 7002 – Since 2012: 3041 – h-index : 40/28 – i10-index: 178/75 
  1. of supervised: MSc and PhD awarded:  102 – No. of Books  in Textile Chemistry: (4 internation. published, 3 locally published)
  1. No. of Studies in Textiles: 20

      6.  No. of books in S and T Policy: 15 (locally published)