Professor Iftikhar ahmad Malik was born on 18 February 1936. He graduated from King Edward Medical College, Lahore (Pakistan) in 1958, qualified DCP (1963), MRC Path (1968) and PhD (London) in (1971). he was conffered FCAP (1971), FRC Path (1981), FCPS (1987), FPAMS (1988), FRCP, Edinburgh (1993). He was elected “Fellow of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences ” in 1990. His awarded include Sitara-I-Imtiaz (Military) (1981), PMRC Medal and biomedical Research Prize (1986), Distnguished Services Medal (DSM) (USUHS), US Army (1988), Pakistan Medal in Medicine (1993), Hilal-I-Imtiaz (Military), (1992) and Sitara-I-Imtiaz (Civil) in Medicine (1993). He is visiting professor at various national and international medical institutes. He was chief editor of the Pakistan Journal of Pathology (PJP) and is member of the Editoial Advisory Board of the Tropical Doctor, the JAMA and the JCPSP.

Formerly, he was professor of Pathology at the Army Medical College, AFM College , Commandant AFIP Rawalpindi (Pakistan), Chairman Medical Research Council (PMRC) and Advisor in Pathology to the Surgeon General, Pakistan Army. Prof. Malik’s works have been published widely and he has more than 390 research publications to his credit in the field of infectious, renal and neoplastic diseases. As chairman PMRC, he was principle investigator of the National Health Survey of Pakistan which was conducted by the PMRC in collaboration with US scientific agencies. Presently, he is the Dean Faculty of Pathology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan and Consultant (STC) to the WHO (EMRO). He is also the dean of Health Sciences at the Margallah Institute of Health Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan. He was elected to the Fellowship of Islamic Academy of Sciencese (FAIS) IN 2000. Prof. Iftikhar Ahmad Malik, 129 Hali Road, Westridge-I, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.