Science and Technology Manpower For Development in the Islamic World

Proceedings of the fifth international conference, Amman (Jordan) (1991) – Published by the Islamic Academy of Sciences.
Editors: F Daghestani (Jordan), A Altamemi (Jordan), H El-Mulki (Jordan).

BC28-1-1993, Hardcover 496 pages,
17*25 cm, English,
Illustrated, 1993, 
US $ 30.00


  • IAS Declaration;
  • Opening Statements and Address by H R H Prince Al-Hassan;
  • State of Scientific and Technological Manpower in the Islamic World;
  • Scientific and Technological Manpower and Economic Development;
  • Sustainable Development: Manpower’s Challenge to manage Technological Change;
  • S&T Human Resource Development: Options and Strategies for Planning;
  • Fundamental Aspects of S&T Manpower Development;
  • Incentive and Motivational Factors for Human Resources Development in S&T;
  • Role of IFSTAD in Human Resources Development in the Muslim World;
  • Role of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in S&T Manpower Development;
  • Role of UNESCO in S&T Manpower Development in Developing Countries;
  • Muslim S&T Manpower Human Resources in the Soviet Union;
  • S&T Manpower Development: The Experience of Japan;
  • S&T Manpower Development: The Experience of Korea;
  • Environment for Scientific Productivity in Turkey;
  • S&T Manpower Development: the Experience of Bangladesh;
  • Manpower Development in S&T: The Example of Senegal;
  • S&T Manpower Development in UAE;
  • Manpower Development in Sudan;
  • Status and Fundamental Issues of S&T Manpower: The Experience of Egypt;
  • S&T Manpower Development: The Experience of Algeria.