Higher Education Excellence for Development in the Islamic World (2006)

Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference, Ankara (Turkey) (2006) – Published by the Islamic World Academy of Sciences.

Editors: M Ergin (Turkey), Moneef R. Zou’bi (Jordan)
(ISBN 978-9957-412-18-0)


  • IAS Declaration;
  • Opening Statements;
  • Contemporary Issues In Higher Education;
  • Changes in the Educational Landscape of Turkey: The Past 25 Years;
  • Goals of Higher Education: Knowledge and Critical Foresight, Leading to Societal Responsibility;
  • What is What in S&T and Higher Education in the Arab Region for 2006;
  • University Reform For S&T Capacity Building ;
  • Science and Technology for Development of the OIC and Pakistan;
  • The Bologna Process;
  • Science Education: a Worldwide Concern;
  • Agenda for Change for Higher Education in the 21st Century: Lessons for the Islamic Countries;
  • Higher Medical Education in Turkey: Towards Excellence;
  • Creating Centres of Excellence in Islamic Countries: Tapping Expatriate Talent;
  • Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in Developing Countries: Do Higher Education Systems Produce the STI Knowledge Professionals?;
  • Selangor as a Model of a Developed and Progressive Islamic State of Malaysia in Education and Research;
  • Active Learning in Physics: A Way for Education and Development;
  • Data Banks and Databases for Concerted Progress, International Information Exchange and Special Advanced Education;
  • Research Oriented Curricula;
  • Ranking, and Evaluation of Universities Worldwide and the Implications for Universities in OIC-Member Countries: Some Methodological Considerations;
  • Assessment in Higher Education and the U.S. National Research Council Approach to Assessing Research Doctorate Programs;
  • Prospect of Excellent Centers and Universities in Arab Countries: The Iraqi Experience;
  • Excellence of Higher Education Institutions: Some Requirements;
  • Towards Research and Education Excellence: Experience from a European University of Technology;
  • Higher Education in Developing Countries: Inherent Problems and Some Solutions;
  • US-Pakistan Programe for PhD In Physics at the University of Albany, New York, USA: A Personal Snapshot;
  • Towards Higher Education Excellence ;
  • A Private American University in the heart of the Arab World: The Experience of the American University in Cairo ;
  • The Story of a University “Par Excellence” in a 3rd World Country: Al-Nahrain or “Saddam University” in Baghdad, Iraq ;
  • Improving Science Teaching at Tehran University of Medical Sciences: A Researcher’s Viewpoint ;
  • Higher Education Excellence in Korea ;
  • Higher Education Reforms in Qatar: Qatar University and Education City ;
  • The World Educational Crisis: An Islamic Perspective with Reference to Higher Education ;
  • Integrated S&T Curricula: The Present Need of the Islamic World ;
  • Higher Education Excellence for Development in the Islamic World: A Viewpoint from ISESCO ;
  • Contribution of Muslims to Science: The Indian Scenario in Brief

Energy for Sustainable Development and Science for the Future of the Islamic World and Humanity

Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference, Kuching/ Sarawak (Malaysia) (2003) – Published by the Islamic World Academy of Sciences.
Editors: M Ergin (Turkey), Moneef R. Zou’bi (Jordan)
(ISBN 9957-412-08-6)

BC 2003/1/125;Hardcover 467 pages,
17*25 cm, English, Illustrated,2002.
US $ 30.00


  • IAS Declaration;
  • Opening Statements;
  • Contemporary Issues In Energy Development;
  • Signal Transduction with Nitric Oxide, Guanylyl Cyclase and Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate;
  • Science and the Future of Humanity;
  • Wind Energy for the Future;
  • Energy Strategies for the Muslim Ummah;
  • Energy Policy Implications: The Turkish Experience;
  • Natural Gas: A Commodity That Is Changing The Face Of Qatar;
  • Energy Research for Development: Petroleum Exploration in the Senegal Basin;
  • Nuclear Energy for the Future;
  • Nuclear Power and the Environment: Prospects and Challenges;
  • Small and Medium Sized Reactors in Developing Countries;
  • Towards New Energy for Sustainability: The Strategy in Iceland;
  • Sustainable Use of Biomass Energy in Turkey;
  • Contemporary Problems and Achievements in Desulphurisation of Oil, Gas, Petroleum Products and Waste Waters;
  • Ecology, Sustainability, and Stewardship;
  • Sustainable Forest Management: An Update;
  • Medicine and the Future of Mankind;
  • A Proposal on the Establishment of an International Islamic Centre for Life Sciences and Biotechnology in Malaysia;
  • Harnessing Science and Technology for Development in the K-Economy; A Sketch;
  • Capacity Building in Science and Technology in the Arab Region; A Sketch;
  • Science Education to Bridge Cultures;
  • Science, Technology and Mathematics Education for Sustainable Human Development;
  • Science for the Future of the Islamic World and Humanity;
  • Ground rules for Gainful Interaction between Science and (Revealed) Religion for the Future of Humanity;
  • Future Science Needs: A More Comprehensive Framework;
  • Science and Technology Scene in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia;
  • Nobel Laureates’Interaction with the Young Hopefuls: A Unique Annual Event in Lindau;
  • Nematodes as Limiting Factors in Agricultural Productivity;